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Hi! Whats up? This info is for people like you 

+ 150
MILLIONS of bottles
avoided per year.


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thanks to you
& the establishment
you find yourself now,
we're taking care
for the 

X Sentido común (4 common sense), which is how we like to call sustainability.


We speak for those who want to listen, but not for everyone. We'll tell you how we do it, openly, so that you can enjoy clean and healthy water while respecting the planet.

What about The Water of Culligan Premium Water

We use as a raw material a local resource: tap water.
We apply the best available technology in order to water treatment, so, we can offer top quality water. We keep natural minerals intact which have beneficial health effects.

Our water is bottled and served at the time you order it,
without long periods of storage.

Culligan Premium Water  Safety & Quality

From its source of supply to delivery to the consumer, the water is subjected to a strict analytical control of its physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics, thus guaranteeing its quality and safety

After having obtained the Food Quality Certification, we can guarantee that our water has a high quality and it´s completely safe for consumption because it´s supervised by a system of audits and controls in order to ensure quality water and self-control systems at all time

Culligan Premium Water is the only company in Spain with the "Food Quality" certification

Each bottle is cleaned and disinfected in the establishment after each use with a special RAC for dishwasher at 80º, as the rest of the crockery.

Culligan Premium Water Common Sense & Sustainability

Our water is always served in reusable glass containers,
out generating any kind of residue with each use.

We cut CO2 emissions since we avoid
transportation of water from springs
to the establishment.

We delete non-reusable components.
As you can see, our labels are free from
paper and plastic.

Congratulations¡ If you're still here, you'll love what is following

You DO give a f**** about the planet and we want to award you for that

​Join the movement 
Eat, enjoy, scan the QR code on the bottle, share and
win a sustainable bottle by the face.


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the promo

Scan the QR code of our sustainable water bottle for restaurants and get one free


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Culligan Premium Water cuenta con 96 clientes con soles repsol


Not bad to be
just tap water

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